Understanding workflow in SharePoint Server 2016


The 2010 platform is built into SharePoint and installs when you install SharePoint Server 2016. This embedded workflow engine was the only workflow option available to SharePoint Server in the 2010 release and the name stuck with all subsequent releases of SharePoint even though the embedded workflow engine has continued to increase stability. Continue reading “Understanding workflow in SharePoint Server 2016”


What’s deprecated or removed from SharePoint Server 2016

Features deprecated in SharePoint Server 2016

The following features and functionality have been deprecated or removed in SharePoint Server.

Continue reading “What’s deprecated or removed from SharePoint Server 2016”

Migrating PS 2010 to PS 2013 Walkthrough

In this post I am going to take you through the process of migrating Project Server 2010 into Project Server 2013.

Usually there are two ways of doing a migration, either an in place upgrade, where if you were particularly brave, you would take your production system and then run the installer for the new binaries on it to upgrade. I say ‘Brave’ because frequently this method of upgrade would be fraught with danger, not giving you sufficient options for dry runs or rolling back. Continue reading “Migrating PS 2010 to PS 2013 Walkthrough”

Share Point- The trial period for this product has expired

I was started browsing my SharePoint prod site, it was shown an error message “The trial period for this product has expired.”

I am very sure that I am not working on any trail product. Started googling it and found 3 reasons for that error,
My SharePoint is trailed one and it was expired.
Problem with my Central Administrator Application pool Account
Problem with my registry.

There is 0% chances for the first one. If it is, i have only one choice to fix it (get licensed version of share point :)) Continue reading “Share Point- The trial period for this product has expired”

Cleaning up disk space in SharePoint servers

Cleaning up disk space in SharePoint servers:
This article mainly discusses on the steps to be performed if you happen to come across a scenario where the “C drive” is filled in the SharePoint server. In our environment we have the SharePoint Servers installed on the C drive and it’s very important that we maintain an adequate amount of free space in the C drive for SharePoint to function seamlessly. Continue reading “Cleaning up disk space in SharePoint servers”