Promoted Sites and Promoted Links in SharePoint 2013

We can use Promoted list to promote certain sites to users.Sites added here will appear on sites page in user’s My Sites. Use audiences if you want a link to only appear for a specific set of users.

For doing this we have to configure “User Profile Service” Application, here we can check “Article”. Once User profile service is running, then we proceed.Navigate to Application Management in SharePoint central Administration, Select Manage Service Application link. In Service application page click on “User profile service application”.choose “Managed Promoted sites” under ” My site Settings as shown in fig below.

Now we create links to go click on “New Link”.

Enter Title, URL, Description and select owner and Target Audiences and click “Ok”.
We can check the “Promoted Sites” in “Sites” as shown in fig below.


Author: "Sharepoint Thoughts"

I’m a Microsoft Certified IT Professional with 5+ Years Experience on SharePoint Technologies. Worked extensively on “SharePoint 2007”, “SharePoint 2010”, “SharePoint 2013” & “SharePoint 2016” on Implementation, Configuration & Troubleshooting several Projects.

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